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Alloy Blends was founded to bring only the finest hand crafted USA made custom flavors to distinguishing consumers. These are signature flavors that are blended in a complex, multilayered formulation that you won’t find anywhere else. Each flavor is a medley of key notes and tones that compliment and play off each other. Alloy Blends strives to provide not only the best flavors, but the highest quality products and benchmark customer service. Truly top shelf in all regards.
ELECTRUM – The good stuff. These flavors and liquids are not just what is sold commercially, they are what we and our families use every day. The sourcing and mixing isn’t just a business, it is family based with the utmost consideration and importance. We want our customers to enjoy only the best flavors and liquids available, and are committed to ensuring just that. Alloy Blends uses only the highest quality e-juice, PG, VG and flavours and that are available.

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