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UTUBE REVIEW Published on Oct 13, 2016 by RIP TRIPPER (prices in review are in USD)

asMODus is proud to announce the Minikin Kodoma Edition powered by the "GX150V1.5" chipset. The Kodoma Minikin features a max wattage cap of 150 watts as well as structural and functional Stabilized Wood design.

 The Kodoma Edition is fused with a mix of Brushed and lined 304 stainless steel found covering the bottom, the top, and the front of the mod, non adjustable copper battery caps, and newly designed Stabilized wood made from high quality maple. Stabilized wood is wood that has been impregnated with a chemical stabilizing solution.

 The purpose of stabilizing wood is to make it more durable and less prone to warping or cracking than natural, untreated wood. Stabilized wood is more durable and much less likely to develop problems in the future. The device has a gold plated 510 pin to have the best conductivity, as well as our asMODus Wheel engraved onto the top of the stainless steel.

 The kodoma has well made and firm adjustment buttons to always give a responsive click every time. The Kodoma is the first box mod on the market to have stabilized wood that accommodates a dual 18650 battery pair. Also the Kodoma can handle a multitude of wire types; more than you probably even thought were available!

Here's a list of acceptable wire types in the Kodoma:

  • Alloy 120
  • Alloy 52
  • Gold
  • Invar36
  • Kanthal A1 APM
  • Kanthal AA EAF
  • Kanthal D
  • Ni200
  • NiFe30
  • Nilo36
  • Nichrome
  • Nickel DH
  • Pernif36
  • SS 304
  • SS 316
  • SS 316L
  • SS 317L
  • SS 430
  • Silver
  • Titanium

The Minikin Kodoma has structural stabilized wood that creates a firmer, higher quality body and has a heavy duty feel as well as providing extra solidity and stability to the mod. This device features two removable threaded battery covers to accommodate dual 18650 batteries that are placed into the device in series. A mini USB port has been implemented to grant the capability to charge if preferred by the user.

The Kodoma Minikin also features increases in its functionality with its OLED screen displaying the individual charge of each battery that is being used by the mod. This will show the user if a battery is being used more than another. This can happen if batteries have not been married (purchased together and used together solely) but with this new technology, you can quickly remedy the situation. The Kodoma also allows the user to manually adjust the resistance that is read from the atomizers with ease.

This device features newly implemented TCR and TFR options to further enhance its performance.

With TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) you are able to manually adjust the resistance that is read with your particular coil or build so you will always hit your sweet spot.

With TFR (Temperature Factor of Resistivity) mode the Kodoma permits the user to use hybrid builds that have a mix of wire types. The Kodoma retains hyper power saving capabilities which in turn makes your two battery mod feel as if it contained three batteries.

Batteries of at least 30 amps each are required to make these power saving and power boosting functions work at their full potential. This device with its sleek and smooth maple wood design fused with 304 stainless steel will be a great addition to your arsenal!


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