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Welcome friends of Beantown Vapor.  
For those that don't know us, we're a small boutique eliquid manufacturer just south of Boston.  We're extreme vaping enthusiasts.  We love the community, the hardware, the innovation and of course, we love the liquids!  
We've been around since 2010 as an online retailer and love shop wholesale.  We began focusing exclusively on liquids for the past two years.  Our unique flavor signatures and complex dessert mixes have allowed us to enjoy a fair amount of popularity in the shop and online retail scene for some time.  Our liquids are mixed in small batches - 3000 ml at a time to ensure consistency and meticulous focus on precision.  
The liquids are cured and tested before anything goes out the door.  You can expect extreme customer service and support, heavy community testing of every flavor and constant tweaking with our liquids - they are never truly done.  The liquids themselves are known for accurate, natural, fruit and bakery flavors with delicate balance and bold flavor.  
You can taste the difference with Beantown Vapor and we invite you to give a us try.

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