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The Tendou Mod V1 is a beautiful piece of artwork with simplistic geometrical form. Underneath is a complex mechanism built so solid it pushes the boundaries of functionality and performance. Come and experience the smart C.C.L.M. Locking Mechanism.

The body tubes features a beautiful satin finish which provides surface finish longevity. Compatible with 18350, 18490/500, and 18650 batteries.

With recent increasing concerns of vape gears with lead compounds, Tendou has made sure the Tendou Mod V1 is certified lead-free throughout the entire content of the product.

Today’s vapers are looking for a mech mod that hits hard, or at least provides a consistent vape experience. This product uses pure copper contacts plated with a thick layer of silver for ultimate conductivity. To protect the silver from oxidation, a final layer of rhodium plating is also applied to form a contact that will endure the test of time

Each Tendou Mod V1 is engraved with its own serial number. It’s simply telling you it’s unique and it belongs only to you.

To complete the authenticity of the product, each Tendou Mod V1 comes with a Seal of Authenticity.

The C.C.L.M. (Continuity Clockwise Locking Mechanism) Switch works exactly as its name intends to. At every quarter turn, this unique switch enters in LOCK or UNLOCK position, in a continual clockwise direction.

Advanced users only. Users will need to have an understanding on Battery Safety, Mechanical Mods and Ohms Law.