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Boost Day Cake vape juice by boosted is a birthday cake flavor that will give your taste buds a reason to celebrate. The delicious blend of moist yellow cake, rich vanilla frosting and silky vanilla ice cream will put your sweet tooth into a glorious sugar coma.

With every inhale of Boost Day Cake e-juice, the buttery and sweet taste of a fresh yellow cake makes you feel like it’s your birthday. As that cake flavor sinks into the palate, the rich and sweet vanilla frosting makes your sweet tooth jump for joy. When you exhale, velvety vanilla ice cream drenches every taste bud.

Boost Day Cake vape juice from Boosted has a 60/40 VG/PG base, satisfying your needs for quality vape clouds and nice throat hits.

Everyday can be your vaping birthday when you vape Boost Day Cake e-liquid.

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