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For Intercooler vape juice, Boosted took a blend of tart cranberries and crisp apples and soaked them in exquisite cream.

As you inhale Intercooler e-juice, the tart taste of fresh cranberries makes you drool like nobody’s business. Then, the crisp apple flavor sneaks up on the palate. As the apple flavor becomes sugary sweet, a bath of beautiful cream washes away your worries. On the exhale, the creaminess dominates as the apple and cranberry flavors continue to refresh your taste buds.

Intercooler vape juice from Boosted has a 60/40 VG/PG base, allowing for a nice hit to the throat, plus good cloud production.

If you want the refreshingly fruity tastes that come with a dose of decadence, Intercooler e-liquid is the flavor for you.

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