Sicboy HexOhm V3

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Sicboy HexOhm V3.0 

The newly redesigned HexOhm is here, complete with new internals, a new look, and new proprietary board capable of wattage output up to 180 watts, and a new low voltage cutoff feature for battery protection.

In addition, the device now has a 10 second cutoff timer, and a master on/off switch.  All plastics have been upgraded from 3d printed to injection mold.

Batteries Used:  2 x 18650


- Aluminum Body

- Magnetic Door

- Solid Brass Battery Contacts

- Min Resistance:  0.10 ohms (0.20 ohms recommended)

- 3.0-6.0v Variable Voltage

- 30 Amp Max Output

- 180 Watt Max Output